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The Buzz with Steve Mags - All Shook Up! What’s Inside the Challenger’s Shaker Hood?

Sep 18, 2014 - 9:27 AM - by Steve Mags
What’s Inside the Challenger’s Shaker Hood?

By Steve Magnante, Edit at Large

All the exciting news about the return of Shaker hood scoops for Challenger V8 models and as an over-the-counter Mopar offering has me wondering about the similarities – and differences - of the new breed versus the original. Thanks to the summer loan of a 2015 Challenger Scat Pack Shaker, we can learn together!

The first ChryCo Shaker application arrived in 1970 as an option aboard the all-new Dodge Challenger and Plymouth ‘Cuda E-body pony cars. Offered as option N96 for a paltry $97.30 atop 340-4, 383-4, 440-4, 440 Six Pack and 426 Street Hemi powerplants, none were installed on Slant Six, 318 or 383 2-barrel equipped cars. I owned this ragged ’70 Barracuda back in the late-Eighties. Born a 318 economy model, a 1971 383 and Shaker assembly were added by a previous owner.

Like many vintage Shaker units, the factory installed oval air cleaner element and lid had been discarded for street racer vibes. Note that the base plate feeds cool outside air down into the single Holley 4-bbl carburetor. Six Packs and dual-quad Hemis used different base plates though the outer ring (where the rubber gasket is mounted) is shared. Not shown (and also missing on my relic) is the elaborate mechanical flapper valve located inside the Shaker bubble. Cable operated by the driver, it allowed system closure in rainy weather. The apparent misalignment between the centerline of the hood and the carburetor inlet is not an illusion. Rather, like all Mopar passenger cars of the era, the entire engine, transmission and driveshaft tunnel are offset 2-inches toward the passenger side of the chassis for steering column clearance.

That’s me back in 1988 wearing my Love and Rockets concert T-shirt and black Swatch wrist watch. I had just given the engine a complete detailing and was about to reinstall it. Again, note the mismatch between the crankshaft and Shaker bubble centerlines. My Shaker was gutted but O.E. correct units have stamped metal feet to stabilize the baseplate atop the engine. Frankly, removal was a big hassle, requiring the removal of a dozen fasteners just to check the filter element.

Picking up where the original N96 Shaker left off (the option was cancelled after 1971) Dodge released a limited number of 5.7 Challenger R/T Shakers in 2014. Also available as an over-the-counter kit from Mopar, the Shaker is set to be a factory option on all 2015 5.7L and 6.4L HEMI R/T Challengers. Unlike the original, the bubble is secured by four easy to access fasteners and comes off in under a minute.

That’s good because... [Read More]
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The Buzz with Steve Mags - Marked for Life…and Proud of It!

Sep 12, 2014 - 2:14 PM - by Steve Mags
By Steve Mags, Editor at Large
Scat Pack Forums

I turned 50 in July but still consider myself a kid. There’s none of the dreaded hardening of the attitude that’s supposed to come with the passage of five decades, I still do the same things I did at age 20, and like you, am sure the world has plenty left to amaze me with in the decades to come.

But of all my life’s adventures and exploits thus far, I’ve never had a tattoo, until now. It happened at the 2013 Specialty Equipment Marketer’s Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. “Ah-ha”, you say, “he got inked in Las Vegas. That explains everything”. Not quite. It wasn’t peer pressure, or even beer pressure, that led to my decision to have the Dodge Scat Pack logo applied to my right bicep.

Instead, it was news that Dodge was reviving the legendary Scat Pack after a 45 year hiatus. As a lifelong Dodge fan, I’ve been in a state of joy ever since the Hemi engine returned aboard 2003 trucks. Having grown up in the late Seventies and early Eighties, I distinctly remember times when front wheel drive, transverse-mounted 4-cylinder engines and cramped sub-compact body shells were the norm with no end in sight. Though Dodge was building the right cars for those times, I learned to live in the past, became fixated on vintage Mopar muscle cars and never, ever, imagined the Hemi would make a return.

Then came 2004 and the rear wheel drive LX platform. With the Magnum, Charger and Challenger derivatives Dodge moved from strength to strength. Inside I had this feeling they did it all just for me. Okay, that’s a bit delusional, but the current state of affairs is a very good one. And now we have the revived Scat Pack. I am proud to be a Dodge man and want the world to know it. How about you, got a Scat Pack tattoo you want to share? Let’s see it! –Steve Magnante

Dodge’s 2013 SEMA display celebrated the revived Scat Pack with extensive signage.
In keeping with modern times, the Dodge Racing Bee character has been slightly updated
with minor tweaks without diluting the little bug’s fiercely independent style.

The ink work was done by the lovely Lacey of The Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company’s shop at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.
H&H co-owner and world renowned freestyle motocross rider Carey Hart has been co-sponsored by Dodge Motorsports
since 2011 so he volunteered his shop’s services. Carey dropped in to see how my tattoo was coming along, to see the video,
go to Youtube and search; Steve Magnante Gets Inked with the Scat Pack.

I hate needles but the tattoo gun delivered more of a scratching sensation that wasn’t bad at all. Here, the partially
completed tattoo is ready to have the bee’s yellow body color added.

Three hours later, Lacey’s work was done. From this point, I was told to keep the tattoo moist, to never pick at it and to let it heal on its own.
About 3 weeks later the tattoo was healed. If Lacey looks familiar, she was part of the on-air cast of the A&E reality show, INKED.

The next day I was back at work hosting video clips at the Dodge SEMA exhibit when Fast N’
... [Read More]
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