Well the guy I sold my charger to didn't know much about working on cars. When I sold the car it had a PCM issue (I bought a refurbished PCM from a company in Miami) I told this guy to get a new PCM and then put the Supercharger tune on the car before doing anything else to the car. Well he took it to a mechanic that didn't know anything about supercharged cars and swapped out the PCM and as far as I know attempted to start the car. I don't know exactly what else he did to the car but supposedly he did several other things to the car with no luck getting it to even run ( when I drove the car to him 2 hours away it had no problems getting there only 2 codes and engine light was lit along with the AC not working this is how I knew it was a PCM issue same problem I had when my PCM got taken out by my alternator dieing on me) his mechanic tells this guy that my charger was a flood car and I ripped him off and lied to him about the condition of the car. He then continued to bash me on Facebook and named me out on his post to part out the car because his mechanic in my opinion was unqualified to work on a supercharged car and didn't know about flashing any tunes.

I just want to put it out there that the car was never in a flood or even been in more than 2" of water in it's entire life since I have owned it from brand new back in August of 2006. It's a shame he is parting the car out but if you are looking for a 3.5L vortech supercharger kit I'm sure you can get it cheap. Or any other parts on the car someone might be interested in.
I'm just very dissapointed that the car didn't go-to someone that would take care of it like I did. I never lied to this guy and told him every detail about the car and I get treated like a POS and called that too for trying to help this guy. Shame he didn't listen to me and do what I suggested and just replace the PCM and reflash it.

I just wanted to let this community know what happened and speak up and explain what happened. The worse part I still to this day have never said one bad thing about this guy knowing that mechanic is the one that screwed him and not me. If I knew it would have caused me this much aggravation I would have kept the car or even parted it out myself.

For those that know me personally know that I treated that car like a part of my family and it was my pride and joy.
Thanks for letting me get this out and tell the real story behind what basically happened.

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