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    AWD engagement parameters

    I've been watching YouTube videos (boy there are a lot of bad ones!...I'm really not worried about your garage or your dog or everything you did yesterday NOT related to the car! LOL) ANYWAY ....AWD engages with detected TRAC slip, below 40 degrees or wipers on...did I miss anything? What I'm curious about, is there a way to engage it when you want? Like Sport mode or manual shift selection? I've noticed on Autotrader quite a few Charger AWD SXT models without a Sport mode.

    The reason I ask is we are contemplating a cross-country trip to the Mighty 5 Utah Nat Parks and surrounding attractions in the southwest. Travel videos have shown quite a few epic locations accessible by dirt/gravel roads and other trails. The trails I feel are Jeep-style 4WD and not suited to lower ground clearance but I'd like the peace of mind of being able to engage the AWD off the pavement.

    Thoughts?...or even better, have any of you been to this area? Advice? Tips?

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    On my 2010 300C, as soon as you engage autostick the car goes into AWD. Pressing the traction control button also puts the car into AWD. I would expect yours to behave the same. Hope that helps.
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