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    What type of Antifreeze for a 2010 Challenger RT

    We just had a Procharger installed and the Antifreeze tends to burp out coolant and so I need a cooling catch bottle and I need to place a small amount of coolant into the reservoir- The installer used Prestone HD 50/50 Prediluted Nitrite Free ELC AF5200 and we do not want to mix them- Any suggestions on this Coolant? any thoughts on the Cooling Catch Bottle? This car is so pristine, its hard to believe the coolant catch bottle is not an auto install - You could eat off this thing lol

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    Valvoline™ ZEREX™ G-05™ Antifreeze / Coolant : Product Catalog - Valvoline™

    Dont mix. If he put in something different dump the whole system and put this in.

    Fyi if it is burping he did not get all the air out

    Search for bleeding coolant system on here

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