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    Viper AWD Wheels Now In Stock

    Our Viper Wheel for AWD Chargers, 300s and Magnums is now available.

    Wheel Specs are 20x8.5 5x115 +47 offset.

    Available Finishes are Gloss Black, Black Machine Face and Satin Black.

    Priced at 749.00/set of 4 plus shipping.

    Tire and wheel packages also available. I will post them soon.

    Below are pictures of the wheel in the finishes currently available.

    Included With Each Order - Free Factory Reproductions T-Shirt, Key Chain Flashlight and Stickers (while supplies last).

    To order Call 800-824-2676 or my Cell Number is 909-208-8936


    Doug Heideman
    Factory Reproductions

    AWD Viper Gloss Black Side.jpgAWD Viper Machine Black Side.jpgAWD Viper Satin Side.jpg
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    Bruce Rhodes
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    Thank you for that information

    But ....
    On your website, the only available choice under Chrysler are rims for Chrysler 300C SRT8 !?
    What about all the other 300C on the market ?

    Where can I find Viper wheels for my 300C 5.7l AWD on your website ?
    Do I have to go to Dodge and choose Viper LX AWD ?

    My original wheels specs are 18x7.5 5x114,3 +55 offset.
    I can see from the specs of your Viper wheels that they can fit my car.

    I already made a test with a set of Startech Monostar IV wheels, their specs are 20x9 5x115 +37 offset.
    The tires where just flush with the fenders at the rear and a little out of them at the front.
    With an offset of more than 40 at the front, they would have sit just perfectly in the fenders.

    With an offset of 47, your Viper wheels will sit 20.7 mm more towards the fenders than the original wheels.

    Can you make me an offer for a set of 4 Viper wheels, black machine face, with shipping to France ?

    Thank you.
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    Great to know that these Vipers are also available for AWD.

    What tire size is the best replacement for my standard 225/60 R 18 wheels?

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    Thank you Doug. I have received my order, and installed them with 275/40R20. Thanks again. Could not have done it without you. I think it looks okay for a 2008.

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    Anyone have pics of these rims without the HUGE photobucket logo plastered across the wheels?! Prefer to see them on a 300, but anything will do as I can't find pics of these anywhere on a vehicle... :/

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