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    2 Cars With Airbag Light On Within 48 Hours

    2005 Magnum RT, ~110k miles, and 2013 Chrysler 300c ~58k miles

    Airbag work done at the same time, at the same dealership ~6 months ago. Problems started within 48 hours of one another.

    Same behavior in both cars. Underway, the airbag light in the cluster comes on and dings. Goes off at a stop light, then comes back on when you take off. Happens both with, and without a passenger.

    Now, if it was just one car, I'd suspect the clockspring for sure. Just had to change one in my wife's 4Runner and it was expensive, but a piece of cake. But with both happening at the same time, having had the airbags replaced at the same time, it's just all too coincidental, and I'd rather not drop ~$170 per just to see if that's the fix.

    Anyone else having this happen? I've searched the forums, and see clocksprings, steering control modules, and corroded weight sensors mentioned, but I can't see any of those issues happening at the same time on two cars 8 years apart (both California cars).


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    You mean the airbag light in the center of the dash (above the HVAC controls)?
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