Long story short, tried to replace front brakes, rotors & calipers but the bottom mounting bolts would only come out halfway. Spent 6 hours trying to get them off, said screw it and took to my mechanic. It took him 2 hours of heating the bolts before they would pop out, and he replaced and bled system.

I asked him a question, and I've asked it in other forums as well, but my car gives me random 'Auto Park Disengaged' while driving, or slowing down to make a turn. It also does it when I am actually trying to park it. The problem is that my car is a 2014 Charger SE, and I haven't tried to get out of the car without it being in park, since the car would hit something if I did.

Is there any way to keep this damn message from popping up? This is my first Mopar with an EVIC in it that wasn't my 05 Magnum, so I'm still getting used to it. Any help is appreciated.