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Thread: Brake squeal

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    Brake squeal

    I am my wits end somebody give me some advice on my for my 2014 Dodge Challenger RT Brakes rear wheel drive I have done everything known to man I have changed out all rotors with hawk talon rotors used brake grease everywhere it needed to be used hps 5.0 red box first and they squealed changed them out with hps blue box they squealed I broke all breaks in . Hawk sent me new rotors they squealed now I put top cop pursuit pads made by power stop and broke them in and they worked for one day and they started squealing can anybody help.

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    This is not a luxury car. It's a sports car. All high performance brakes squeal. There's nothing you can do about it. It comes with the territory. Even much higher price point high performance vehicles still have brakes that squeal.

    Literally go by a Mercedes if you want a quiet boat.

    This is not that quiet boat.

    Many others on here have discussed the same concern you have. As long as your brakes are in good condition, there is nothing wrong with it. The noise literally just comes with the territory.
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    Comes with the territory of utilizing high performance braking systems. You should some six figure sports cars...
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