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For your last quote, I am unsure what all would happen. I know Autostick def can be deactivated basically in sense it does not know to look for the signals.

I am unsure of all the shifter types. I do know Pursuits are the 4 Pos ERS4ESW and wanna say Nag1 equipped 11-14 Chargers were the 5 pos Polystable shifter.

I been looking for the 300 cluster to complete my blue look in my car. seems harder to come by then charger or challenger.
Well after sitting for a bit, it stopped working. I tried just about every option and nothing seems to work right. The 5 pos polystable Eshifter is the correct shifter for the 15+, at least thats what my original config had.

The 300 had a sport mode option and when I pic a shifter with sport mode options all indication works but after a good sit the car gets confused and pops the service shifter error.

I can live without the indication, but it would be nice.

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