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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolVanilla
    ...............1) Nothing short of a full programmer is going to unlock this engine. Take a look at the ignition timing. We need a programmer that will allow us to advance that timing at WOT. Until we can do that, we are completely hamstrung...............
    thank you, i've said this from day one and still stand by it.....the oe ecu is smarter then some give it credit

    although, this is not to say money is being wasted by getting i/h/e....those who have it are pretty much ready to go, once a programmable tuner is release

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    I'd like to thank you too - I was just about to go buy a K&N. I have always believed more air out requires more air in. If, as it has now been proven twice, there is no gain, then I'll stay with just the Zoomers.

    I keep waiting for the guy who dynoed me to send the results via email, and it's not happening. Next time I go into work I'll scan the results so I can post them on the forum. I got 302.2 on one run, then it dropped to 295.9 (Zoomers only mod) but I think it was quite a bit cooler than it has been for any of these runs you guys have posted. I only ran it twice because the car was not happy about what it was doing.

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