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    That's the same file I got some where here in the forum. Now when you go to the thread cant get any photos.

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    In an older post here from member budoboy and a word doc you provided. The 64k mile diff I did was black inside, beaerings and gears were fine. I took lots of care to not contaminate the bearings when cleaning it.

    EDIT: In the thread where this is discussed the pics are gone but reading down further posts and replies a link to a Dropbox was provided and I scarfed it there.
    These guys were among, if not the 1st to discover the less than bullet proof OE setup.
    One problem was at the drag strip water box if somehow one tire missed the puddle one clutch pack would get lots of slippage wearing the frictions off quickly. The diff is basically designed to only slip a side a little in the turns.
    They worked with SRT staff and HHP coming up with the ZO6 kit.

    Racers may use oil with no friction modifier and it will be aggressive in the u-turns and if double duty on track and daily they would add 1oz at a time of FM if it needed to be tamed. Some start with an oil that includes it and may add later.
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    Going pretty far off topic here.... Maybe you should start your own thread of all these other members info that helped you with your rear issues
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