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    Ball joints help

    I do almost all of my own repairs, including suspension work.
    Well here is my problem, I still the original ball joints, and my brother was going to help me change them. (he works for Mercedes Bends)
    Only none of the tools he has will press out the old ones.(different sizes)

    Is there anyone in the Toronto area that can help me replace the Ball Joints.

    The best way to get a hold of me is to call me directly.
    416 560 4789
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    Canadian Tire will rent you the tool to use. I just did my orig. lower ball joints...ball joint press 125-0043, adapters 125-0078. Could not have done it without it. Most videos I saw were done on the car. For what I had and time to do it...was much easier to remove the complete steering knuckle, hold in vise and remove bj.
    Install was just as easy as well. So good luck with that. To remove any front chassis part just loosen bolt alittle, then strike the side of the joint with a ball been hammer, part will drop right out. But I'm sure you knew that as you have stated that you work it yourself. Also if you do use the bj press, when the ball joint moves, it will sound like something just broke loud (BANG) but that is just the bj moving. Scared the **** out of

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    Agreed, I had the worst nightmare getting my upper balljoints off and After hours of hammering, Using a torch, Using a pickle fork, Bought a pitman arm puller that snapped in two pieces i finally went to the auto part store and rented a pitman arm puller kit for $120 that was apperantly made much better than the ones you can buy because it took me about 5 minutes without much tourque on a breaker bar and they came right off. These Magnums can be downright brutal getting suspension parts off.

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