A couple of years ago, I fabbed up a custom rear spoiler for my Magnum SRT8. I combined a Focus ST spoiler with the factory Magnum spoiler. BUILD THREAD

Well, I'm at it again during the coronavirus lockdown. Trying my hand at another custom fabricated spoiler.

Right now it is still in the very rough first stages. I've just got the pieces stitched together for an approximation of the final product. The base is still the Magnum tailgate spoiler. To extend it further out, I'm using a Dodge Caliber rear hatch spoiler. Surprisingly the top of the Magnum tailgate and the Caliber hatch are about the same width. The end pieces that hang over the rear pillars are the ends cut off of a 96-00 Honda Civic Hatch Type-R spoiler.

The sides follow along the rear pillars real close.

Next steps are to finish the roughing in of the final shape, and then i'll start some fiberglass work to fill the gaps/seams. I need to fab up some sort of support underneath. My first spoiler, there was enough weight on the front that it was still pretty centered on the Magnum spoiler. But this one hangs too far back and at speed it will be putting too much stress on the factory fasteners.

I'll post up some pics of the progress as I move forward.