If you have an already established club that would would like to have a dedicated forum for, we can provide you one in the "LX Car Club" forum.

This gives those people who don't have the benefit of a dedicated website for their club a place to congregate with your members (as well as an opportunity to gain additional membership for your club by having it right here on LXForums).

What does my club get for being on LXForums?

We are willing to provide you with a dedicated forum for your club if the following criteria is met:
  1. Your club's forum must be regularly utilized. If it sits unused, it will be deleted. There is no use having a bunch of empty forums wasting space.

  2. You must have a minimum number of members. (Still trying to work out a fair number...but 15 seems like a pretty good number to start with.) If you are PLANNING on starting a Car Club in your area, post in the Regional Forums and get enough interested members first before asking for a dedicated Club forum.

  3. Between your membership, you must pick a centralized figure to run your forum. This person will be given moderator rights to your club forum only.

  4. Even though you will be responsible for moderating your own forums, you will be expected to follow the normal site rules set forth by LXForums.

  5. At the top of your forum, we will display your car club's banner and any text you supply us with.

How Do I Submit My Club?

If you want to request a forum for your LX car club, PM me and start a post in your regional section to stir up interest (and direct me to the thread.)

I need the following info from you:

  • Your Club Name (which will be your forum name as well)
  • An approximate number of members you have
  • The moderator you want for your forum
  • Preferably a banner (468 X 60) for your forum
  • A sentence of text for your forum description.
  • What region your club covers
  • What car(s) your club covers (ie. Just Mags or just 300's or all LX's, etc...)
  • Does your club have a fee
  • Any other info you think will help us out


We hope that providing this forum space for your clubs will help grow your membership as well as spread interest in LX Car Clubs nationwide!