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    Cool This Vintage 1964 Chevelle Was One of the First With a Big-Block!

    This vintage 1964 Chevelle drag car was one of the first to get a big-block… Read More
    The post This Vintage 1964 Chevelle Was One of the First With a Big-Block! appeared first on Hot Rod Network.

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    Chevy didn't put a big block into a 64 Chevelle. Pontiac did with the 64 GTO with a Pontiac big block 389cu in. A very few 65 Chevelles got a 396 with a 375hp rating. Then in 66 you could buy a SS396 Chevelle with a 325hp or 360hp 396. (I ordered and bought a new 65 chevelle with the 300hp 327, 4 speed, and posi. Put 100k miles on it in 4 yrs, much of it a 1/4 mile at a time.)

    Starting in 1963, a couple of Nascar teams running Chevrolets got a "mystery engine". These cars were the most powerful cars on the track. If the car held up, one of those would win the race. My friends and I were so curious about this engine that after a race at Darlington, we climbed up on the back of a Junior Johnson flatbed truck and removed the tarp from one of those engines. It had straight valve covers unlike the older 427 engines that had valve covers that were curved on the lower side. It was the first canted valve big block Chevy engines. It's a good thing for us that Junior's team didn't catch us and kick out butts for climbing up on their truck!
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