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    Here are The Rules: Its a short list

    Rules for posting in the Vendor Review forum are fairly simple: Stick to the rules already here at LXForums, with regard to reporting vendor conduct.
    • This forum is about reviews of your direct experience with a vendor. 3rd party threads will not be published.

    • Posts must be civil and stick to the facts of the situation. If the vendor is a no-good-thieving-slimeball-sonofabitch let your factual tale of experience illustrate that fact. Do not under any circumstances use a review to hurl insults either directly or by innuendo.

    • Only two entities can post into a Vendor Review thread: the member who made the review, and the vendor or their reps who are responding. No other members may directly post in a vendor review thread and all vendor reviews and new posts within the review will be held for moderator approval before becoming publicly available.
      • Moderators will not judge the quality or content of the member or vendor's post. We are only requiring moderation to keep the discussion focused between the member and the vendor. Both parties feel free to say what you need to say as the staff is not policing content at this phase (subject to the insult caveat above).

      • If a 3rd party wants to comment on a review thread, PM either the Original Poster or the vendor and ask them to consider publishing your comments. The OP or the vendor should post themselves and enclose your comments in a QUOTE box, which is accessed from the editor toolbar and looks like this:

      • Posts submitted to the forum by members other than the OP or the responding vendor will not be approved. If you feel your comment is indispensable to the member's review or the vendor's response, simply PM them with your input and ask them to include your comments as described above.

    • If you know of a vendor review where that review pre-dates the creation of this forum, PM MattRobertson with the URL of the thread and ask it to be moved here. It may take some time to get everything moved in here so be patient.

    • No Shills
      If you are a vendor representative, or your car is sponsored in any form by a vendor, you cannot post a positive review thread for that vendor. We only want independent customer reviews here. However if there is an existing review thread already posted, you may comment in the thread as outlined above provided your relationship to the vendor is disclosed at the very beginning of your quoted comments.

    What is a qualifying, direct-experience transaction?
    a completed exchange of value (cash, advertising or barter) for a good or service where you personally are on one side of the transaction and the vendor you are reviewing is on the other.

    Tips on Keeping Your Thread Visible
    If you have an unresolved review that is slowly working its way off the front page of this forum, by all means feel free to give us all an update on the situation if it is warranted. Has the vendor promised a fix? Delivered a refund and resolved your issue? Done absolutely nothing? Done something so great that they really deserve positive recognition for it? Post it up! This will give members more info on the vendor and move your review to the top of the pile.

    Tips on Thread Creation

    Optimize your thread for search. Remember that this area is going to fill up, and people need to be able to pull out multiple reviews on a single vendor thru the search engine. If you follow some easy guidelines, you will make it EASY for people to find what they want. A standard naming convention is suggested here not to enforce rules, but to make it easy for your fellow members to find the information they are looking for:
    1. Start your thread title with your basic review of your experience: I suggest "GOOD", "BAD" and "UGLY". Don't be creative! Search terms work when people standardize the terms they use.
    2. Follow the description of your experience in 1. above with the company name. Spell it exactly as they spell their name in their Vendor Aisle postings. If the vendor's subforum is named "Acme Widgets" then use that in the title exactly.
    3. Put in something to differentiate your post from the 97 other Acme Widget threads that will be in this forum. Maybe your username and the product in question.

    For example:
    • GOOD: KaleCoAuto, MattRobertson's Dual O-Pipe Buying Experience
    • BAD: KaleCoAuto, MattRobertson's Dual O-Pipe Product Return

    Remember that this is a manually-moderated area. If you make a post here that is allowable per the rules above, and it doesn't show up for a couple of days, PM an administrator and ask them to come in here and sweep up. Chances are we've simply forgotten to come by and look for a few days.

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