I purchased a set of coated longtubes headers and mids Christmas Eve 2017. I received an email shortly after stating it would take about 3-5 weeks for processing then another 1-2 for coating. After that timeframe my parts would be sent out.

This came out to a total of 7 weeks. After about 5-6 weeks I decided to give them a call and ask about the progress of my order. I was told that everything was moving along and they would ship out to me the following week.

2 more weeks went by with no update on shipping so I called again. This was when things starting going downhill. I was told that my parts would be shipped out to the coater the following week and then should ship out to me in about 2 weeks. I gave them the benifit of the doubt and said ok I’ll be waiting.

Mid March I called back pretty upset and they had nothing but excuses on why my parts hadn’t shipped out. I was told I would be receiving a call from the manager and he would explain it all to me. I never got that phone call.

I continued to call twice a week after that to get updates and it was the same thing over and over.

About early April I filed a dispute with my credit card company stating I never received my parts and I’d like my money back. Maryland speed faught the dispute saying it was a custom order and I was not allowed to cancel it.

I called Maryland speed back at the end of April to either get my money back or get my parts and they said my parts were on hold due to a chargeback followed by saying my parts were waiting in their store to be shipped out once they received proof that they won the dispute.

i called my credit card company and they said the paperwork pertaining to the dispute was mailed to me and to Maryland speed. (Maryland speed said they never received it) so I sent them a copy of it at the beginning of this week and they now say that they are reviewing all the paperwork and my order might have to start all over!

At at this point I am starting to look into legal counsel. This company should not be allowed to operate as such and the people should know what they are getting into.

i am very disgusted by the lack of customer support and will never buy from this company again. They were cheaper by a couple hundred dollars but not worth the hassle at all!