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    2010 300SRT 426 stroker build!

    With all of the highly impressive vehicles dodge has had on the market and been releasing lately it is easy to forget some of the other awesome vehicle builds out there for the older mopar vehicles so we would like to shed some light on a custom naturally aspirated 426 build that we did on this 2010 Chrysler 300 SRT! This vehicle ended up leaving the shop making over 520RWHP! The build list is below including pictures of the vehicle and a full build list, so make sure to check them out below! Brent's 2010 Chrysler 300C SRT8 Livernois 650 package - YouTube -Livernois Motorsports 426 Hemi Stroker Shortblock -Livernois Motorsports Race Series 6.1L Hemi Cylinder Heads-Livernois Motorsports .650 Lift Capable Valve Spring Upgrade-Livernois Motorsports Stage 4 Camshaft-Livernois Motorsports Billet Rocker Bar System-Livernois Motorsports Upgraded Fuel Injectors -Livernois Motorsports Upgraded Fuel Pump-Livernois Motorsports Ported Intake Manifold-Livernois Motorsports EvenFlo Thermostat-Precision Industries Torque Converter-Paramount Performance Stage 2 Valve Body Upgrade-Upgraded Exhaust System-Livernois Motorsports MyCalibrator Tuner-Livernois Motorsports 93 Octane Custom Tuning
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    Love that magic 426 number myself.the 1st one I did for someone other than myself. ………………………………………… ………………………………………… ……….. Clayton’s 426 1st version (*) Hellcat block= $1400 from Steve White Motors (NEW)Molnor 4.05 Crank =$ 930 +105 for ring (NEW)Hemitronix VVT delete $550 (NEW)……. AVOID not worth the expense Manley Rods 6.125 2-inch pin $650 (NEW)Howards Cams Camshafts 786965-13 +$370 (NEW)Lift: .625 In .600 Ex Dur@50 Intake 231 Ex 237 Lode Separation 113, IC 109 installed at 106 6.1 Intake and fuel rails $650 (Used)Smith Bro Pushrods =$135 (NEW) Diamond Pistons & rings =$ 840 (4.09 Bore 13+ CC dome) (NEW)ARP Bolts, Head studs & mains $340+$160 (NEW)PAC Titanium retainers =$225 (NEW)PAC-1205X Valve Springs=$340 (NEW)Manley valves (2.08/1.625) (New) = total $650 Clayton did his own port work on the heads.Oil Pump Melling $165 (NEW) (*) Total for above $6960.00 all prices were current 3/10/2017 this total does not include the 5.7 parts engine ($800)Timing, valve covers and Eagle heads came from a 2012 5.7 that was purchased earlier it was going to be a 392Ci build originally but direction switched to the BGE block build. Lifters are not included in above price.The lifters were BBM no name link bar solid rollers I bought off eBay for $55, we removed the link bar, welded a pad on the inside just below the hole for the link bar anchor, drilled hole thru the body and welded pad, counter sunk the outside of the hole in the body ,installed a stainless rivet and machined the “exposed” part of the rivet in to a Keyway…IE Key lifter? Notched the block for the Key and obviously enlarged the stock lifter bore for the .824 dia to .904 diaPrice does not include any machine work, or balancing, in my opinion machine work pricing can turn in to apples to oranges discussion.2010 Challenger@ 4100 Lbs. with driver this combo went a best of 9.97 @134 at Atco10.21@ 131Mph was the average time and MPH of the 1st 30 runs put on this engine.After 1100 miles and the 1st 30 runs with the Hemitronix VVT delete, I tore it down for inspection, I wasn’t happy with how the 1st cam bearing was wearing. Decided on a different approach to eliminate the VVT. Took a cam phaser removed the tone wheel, bought a timing chain set up for the Pre-eagle Hemi, Machined the back of the cam gear to accept the larger DIA of the VVT cam core, machined an Alum spacer to “move the Phaser Tone wheel in to alignment with the cam sensor. Ordered a Custom Grind from Comp cams Based on the Specs of the Howards cam. Car didn’t run any better of faster but we both felt more secure in the longevity of this engine, since the timing chain change another 25 runs and 6400 miles were put on the car.Wallace Calculator says 710HP for the average 10.31s and a best of 760 based on the 9.97 MPH of 134.Cam was updated last May to another custom Comp VVT, .654 intake .633 Exhaust 271/271@50 las is .004 intake and .008 exhaust, 6.1 intake was replaced with Drag pak intake and a sonny*S 8500 TB. stock rockers were replaced with Jesels off a Drag pak 6.1 I bought for parts. I sold them to Clayton for $1200. Last time we talked about cost, he figures there’s about 11k total, which includes the Hemitronix $550” experiment”. Last year was a wash for track time, but this combo has roughly 7500 street miles on it since it was 1st installed back in late March of 2017. 90% of the runs were done on 93oct pump gas, the 9.97 run was on a 100oct tune,

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