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Thank you, I just couldn't bring myself to hammer it into place. It may be ok but it just makes me cringe. The Amazon tool will be here Tuesday as the one that O'Reilys had was too short to reach the internal threads on the crank.
You are welcome. The long reach balancer installer tool is made even better with the addition of a 3/4 inch socket. Since the balancer bolt is recessed fairly deep inside the balancer, the 3/4" socket will allow the tool to be used in the normal fashion, except the nut will be brought out a couple of inches making it easier to turn. It needs to be a 3/4 inch socket as the tool's shaft needs to fit through the 3/4" hole. It won't fit through a 1/2" socket you likely already have.

I bought a 2" sized 3/4 inch socket for this and also for pressing in the new crank seal into the front cover using the balancer install tool too, before pressing the balancer on. You use the long reach balancer installer in exactly the same way as you would for the balancer to press in the seal easily. You need the 3/4" socket to press near the edge of the seal as the nut and bearing of the tool will have nothing to press against without it. So that one 3/4" socket is used twice and for me made its $20 CAD price tag palatable.