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    Continental tire question

    Shopping on the Discount Tire website.
    They show ContinentalExtreme Contact DWS 06


    ContinentalControl Contact Sport SRS

    Same price, same specs different tread pattern.

    Does anyone know if the SRS is an update of the DWS 06 or just a Discount Tire 'exclusive' variation?
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    The DWS get loud once they get worn. The last 10K-15K miles it is noticeable.
    I've had two cars that came with them - 2011 Honda Accord Sedan and a 2012 CTS-V coupe. In the Honda it was really loud. The caddy was less, but still noticeable.

    The tread pattern is great for traction in the wet and in slushy, light snowy conditions. They did great. Dry traction - well its an allseason, so they are okay. I've had worse dry traction tires before - Sumitomo HSV or whatever they were allseasons were **** for traction in the wet or dry.

    Good luck. Hope that helps
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    I guess you know the SRS is exclusive to Discount Tire. I always wonder or don't know what to think about tires exclusive to re-sellers.
    I'm running the General GMAX AS-05 (A Continental owned brand) and you can see the hint of this in the tread pattern. I like the tire a lot. It owns the rain and is wearing well under my spirited foot.

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    Yup..."exclusive" to Discount, even per Continental's site:
    ControlContact Sport SRS - 275/40ZR20 106Y Tire | Continental

    Go with the tried & true DWS06....they're 2lbs lighter as well (versus the SRS).

    Plus, if you ever need a replacement(s) or something....finding a DWS06 will be easier, IMO.
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