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    Something isnt right, my charger never had a delay even when new I ordered the car and never a delay. Our 2015 new as well never a delay. I've driven a mix of 07 to 17s and nothing of a delay I've driven hellcats and a Demon just not a 392 car. The only modern car I've had act like you described was our 2011Journey and that is why we sold it. The dealer could replicate the issue we described, which also happened when trying to pass and any time you wanted to go WOT. no codes, no odd data streams nothing. Eventually they figured is was an issue with the cam phasers, they replaced them, gas mileage improved but not the throttle.

    Maybe you have a pair off lazy throttle poisoner sensors. I'm not sure if that is what they are called or not but they are the ones under the dash that measure where the throttle is and relay that to the throttle body. It might just need a throttle calibration, depending on who you talk to this procedure might be real or a feel good thing

    QUOTE=Mr Nick;5137327]I'm aware how a torque converter works.

    Sitting in drive, engine fully warmed up, take my foot off the brake & hammer the gas... the pedal hits the floor, pause, engine responds and the car takes off nicely.
    Waiting to pull out into traffic, take my foot off the brake, depress gas pedal slightly, pause, engine responds and the car begins to move.
    In neutral, I can very quickly floor the gas pedal and let it back up quickly and the RPM will hardly move.

    What I am experiencing is not a hesitation or a bog. It's a delay, and it happens all the time.

    Maybe the 300's have a much "softer" tune from the factory than the Chargers. Might be worth a visit to a dealer (would rather go to the dentist) to see if there is an issue or update available. However, the 05 MSRT I used to own did the same thing, just not as bad. My buddies GCSRT did it too. My G8 had the delay as well, but the tuner was able to get rid of most of it. My sisters V6 Durango has a slight delay too, my 300 is much worse.

    Not throwing this back at you guys, but if you have not driven a well tuned car with a traditional throttle cable, you may not have anything else to compare your car to. The throttle response on my Cutlass with the Holley Sniper is incredible.

    Sorry for the tangent. If I get this resolved I'll start a new thread, this may not be happening to everybody, but I'm definitely not the only one experiencing it either.[/QUOTE]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Nick View Post
    Darn. I was hoping you had a terrible delay with stock tune that was 100% cured by Jay.

    The only thing keeping me from getting a custom tune is lack of confidence in getting rid of the delay. All the tuners I've contacted say something along the lines of "I should be able to fix that" but it's a lot of money to spend for a "should."
    It's an old geezer car, they don't like jack rabbit starts. hahahaha
    Ya, it can be tuned out. Problem is, you have a 2017, don't think you can just plug in a tuner and have fun, think ECM has to be unlocked. What about the TAZER?
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