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    Cooling Fan Speeds

    Installed a 180 thermostat in my '08 Magnum RT and am using a Diablosport T1000 tuner to set the fan speeds. The tuner allows setting 3 fan speeds; HI, Med and LO and AC on or AC off modes but I'm told the LX only has 2 speeds Lo and Hi. I have set the LO and Med to come on at 187 and HI to come on at 194. At this setting the fan comes on way before I see 180 in my EVIC. Changed the settings to LO at 187 and Med and HI at 194. Fan still runs before 180 and it sounds like HI (hard to tell).

    So, how do I set the 3 fan speeds on a 2-speed system? Anybody with a similar setup?

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    The right answer is to make the same change to all the settings.
    If you lower one by 10*, lower them all by 10* to maintain the same spread from on/off.
    Also, these settings only control when the vehicle is in motion, cant determine anything from the car sitting still, as the pcm logic takes over in that case.

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