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    2005 Dodge Magnum RT with a bad motor - Chicago

    Make: Dodge
    Model: Magnum
    Year: 2005
    Condition: 5 - Poor
    Mileage: 134

    Price (USD): $2345

    Location: Chicago, IL
    Shipping & Pickup:
    Shipping Cost (USD): $

    Item description
    This is a feeler thread due to my damaged motor.

    2005 Dodge Magnum with a bad motor.
    Black outside / Dark Gray inside

    No body rust
    Few and I mean few unberbody rust spots, I think mainly near the battery area, very clean overall
    All options except for side curtain airbags, sat radio and roof rails
    All weather floormats
    Rear cargo compartment from a roof rail car
    Tow hitch and Mopar wiring kit (used to to tow my Harbor Freight utility trailer around to Home Depot or when on vacation once a year #1200 max load)
    Mopar Engine Block Heater (installed after the car purchase)
    AM/FM/CD changer/Tape upgraded to NAV (joystick works)
    Homelink (garage opener)
    Mopar Aux input (hooked up to my iPhone)
    Police rear sway bar and the "factory larger got lucky at the factory build time" SRT front bar
    Load leveling rear springs from a tow package car
    Police Spec rotors and pads (from eastcoast mopar about 1 year old)
    New style black finish steering wheel buttons
    Aftermarket fog lamps that were mentioned here
    Non Smoker
    I think I'm the third owner, bought it with around 80K
    Stock rims replaced with the "black pocket" Dodge Dytona
    Dodge Dytona larger intake with stock filter
    1 additional black pocket wheel with brand new tire (I always wanted to have a full size spare in case I needed few days to get a tire fixed etc and the tire shop when installing my current tire set discarded ALL the tires, in return they gave me a brand new tire then)
    Few of the interior items were swapped for the "black OEM" such as glovebox, front door sills, lower B pillars, cargo area speakers and "sill plate"? the area where the rear latch is, and center arm rest with an aftermarket vinyl cover (I always had the goal to transition the interior to all black, even picked up spare interior pieces to practice spraying / dying OEM color)
    Mobile1 full synthetic oil since I've owned it
    Both airbags replaced under recall
    Gas tank replaced under recall

    Blown motor, car stalled while at idle in a drive through, my mechanic got it to start but it sounds bad.
    AM/FM antenna staticky at times (I think the amp in the rear glass is bad), I listen to podcast and music from my phone
    Few lines of heating element in rear glass is bad
    Passanger side mirror does not operate, does heat up
    Sunroof stopped working, did not dive much into it
    Pass side temp at times is temperamental, I think the valve has stripped gears
    Dash rattles as it has two broken clips near the gauges bezel, I bought the metal clip things from a forum member here and was waiting for warmer weather to fix
    Nick / dent in the front passenger fender (I think from a shopping cart)
    Dent in the rear bumper cover from me backing up with my trailer and the trailer tire marred the bumper cover
    The rear cargo cover does have a slight tear near where you pull on it
    I believe four dents in the room from a hailstorm
    Despite me parking far away from other cars wherever I go, it does have some scratches but I think it needs a good Claybar and wax to bring it to glory. I've switched jobs in the last year and at my current workplace parking is at a premium where you always are parked next to another car... but wherever I go shopping etc you will not find me park closest; I'll be there in the next isle with no cars around...
    nick in the windshield in the passenger area; I thought of replacing the windshield but it never bothered me and not sure if my insurance covers it
    I was involved in two low speed accidents; no airbags blown:
    1. While I was coming up to a stop light a oncoming car sideswiped driver side
    2. While I was driving in a parking lot a car backed into me driver side

    I've had the car for 7 years almost to the day. Bought it a month before my first child was born. This is my second Magnum.

    I've described the car to the best knowledge. I'm all upfront not attempting to hide things. I've been here for years, and on eBay since 2000; there strived for perfect feedback; Kind of angry how in last several years eBay does not count your entire history but recent x months.
    Look me up. I'm a "justanothermacfan" there. I bought and sold many things, parted my 9c1 Caprice back in the day and sold off parts there.

    At this time I don't know really what to do next. Are you interested in purchasing it? Title in hand.
    Chicago, IL

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    It just so happens that I sustained some pretty decent damage on my passenger side on my 2006 R/T magnum. Basically I could transplant and mix/match to build mine back to a better condition. I've had mine for just over 11 years, only have 110k on it, and I really have sworn i'd never get rid of my magnum except for another Magnum.

    I know i can't afford 2k for it, because I could probably just find a junked roller and do the body work myself... BUT, it basically sounds like all your damage is on the drivers side, all mine is on the passenger side.

    I'm not sure if I'm making an offer because I'm poor, but maybe we can work something out. The Magnum has gone to the bottom of the priorities after the 72 super beetle, 77 westfalia, and sand rail.

    If you end up parting it, I'd probably be interested in some stuff. Specifically the front right fender, both bumper covers and wheel wells/front belly pans, possible rear passenger door... and above all, the hitch setup. I'd put my Nivos back on (I have BC Racing COilovers) just to have a vehicle to tow stuff at this point. And since all my other cars are old VWs I can't imagine anything the car wouldn't tow. Maybe even without the nivomats.

    I ramble. Feel free to reply in kind.
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    The car was hit on the driver side two times.

    Front fender, both front doors and rear quarter panel.

    As I have mentioned before I ended up putting a vertical crease on the rear bumper cover.
    The front passenger fender does have a small dent in it I imagine from a shopping cart.

    Everything else bodywize is in good shape.
    Brand new Mopar mud flaps painted body color before install
    Rear bumper cover protector (I believe it's Mopar part)

    Iv'e got few extra parts like Mopar cabin air filter assembly brand new in box (I believe it was an option in 2005 which mine did not get).
    Original dark gray interior pieces (those that were swapped for the dark charcoal)
    Spare cargo area trim - wanted to tinker with spray or dye
    Front bumper bra (purchased used from a forum member)

    The two accidents were I think 5 years ago and 3 years ago.

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    The car would be sold as a whole with a clean title.
    Not interested in partying it out, shipping parts etc.

    The car has lockpick too, just need to run the wires for the backup cam etc. Actually have the "Subaru" licence plate cover with the camera. Never installed yet.
    Was going over stuff in the garage and found two sets of the silver steering wheel buttons if you want to paint / mod.

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    You should post some pics of the car. This way members would be able to see how serious damage is, including rust "spots"..
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    I know

    The vehicle is still with my mechanic.

    I should be able to get it towed to my house next week.

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