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Twin Novitec Rosso Equipped Ferrari 458s' cruising in beautiful sunny Miami with new Vossen Forged Precision Series Wheels. Personally I'm not sure if it gets much better than this. You might recognize the white Ferrari as the previous Vossen Project 458 and we decided to feature it along the current Vossen Project 458 in its one of a kind Rosso Fuoco Opaco OEM Ferrari Matte Red. Yes, that is a optional Ferrari color! We were so pleased with the Novitec enhancements to the white Ferrari we decided to replicate it with the red one but this time adding their full exhaust with makes this amazing V-8 engine roar!. Both vehicles feature our new lightweight Vossen Forged wheels sized 21x9 front and 22x12.5 rear wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Tires. The white 458 features a new textured finish for a one of a kind feel and look and the red 458 features a more traditional gloss smoked graphite finish. The beautiful Pininfarina body looks absolutely mesmerizing with the enhancements made by Vossen.

Turn up the speakers and enjoy this latest 4k video from the team at Vossen and leave a comment below to let us know how you feel.

White 458 | VPS-307 | F: 21x9 / R: 22x12.5
Rosso Fuoco Opaco 458 | VPS-310 | F: 21x9 / R: 22x12.5

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