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FCA moving Ram HD production to Warren, MI and cutting checks for $2,000 to employees

Jan 12, 2018 - 1:06 PM - by MagnumClub
Today is a good day to be an FCA employee. The brass at Fiat Chrysler has decided to use some of the increased profit from the new tax cuts for employee bonuses. Approx 60,000 employess will recieve $2K. That equates to $72 million in cash money to employees. In other news the Ram HD production is moving from Mexico to Warren, MI. This is obviously great news for plant employees in Michigan. The production of the newly redesigned Ram 1500 had been moved from Warren to Sterling Heights so FCA has a huge facility ready to go. I think this move had been in the works for a long time but sure makes for a good announcement on a blustery Friday (immediately prior to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit). The president tweeted about this last night so all y'all are probably aware this amounts to a pretty big win for the White House

FCA Announces Plan to Invest More Than $1 Billion in Michigan Plant, Add 2,500 New Jobs and Pay $2,000 Bonus to U.S. Employees; Actions Supported by U.S. Tax Reform

  • Investment will modernize Warren Truck Assembly to produce Ram Heavy Duty
  • Ram Heavy Duty truck production will relocate from Mexico to Michigan in 2020
  • Plant will add 2,500 new U.S. jobs to support production of heavy-duty truck
  • Approximately 60,000 FCA employees in the U.S. will receive special bonus payment
  • Total U.S. investment grows to more than $10 billion since 2009, with more than 25,000 jobs created to date
  • Production move solidifies U.S. as the global manufacturing hub for Ram products

January 11, 2018 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - FCA announced today two actions made possible in part by the passage of U.S. tax reform legislation late last year — an additional investment in its U.S. manufacturing operations and a special payment to recognize employees for their continued efforts toward the success of the Company.

First, the Company confirmed that it will invest more than $1 billion to modernize the Warren Truck Assembly Plant (Michigan) to produce the next-generation Ram Heavy Duty truck, which will relocate from its current production location in Saltillo, Mexico, in 2020. This investment is in addition to the announcement made in January 2017, which committed to spending a portion of $1 billion in Warren Truck Assembly to expand the Jeep® product line with the addition of the all-new Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer. The Saltillo Truck Assembly Plant will be repurposed to produce future commercial vehicles for global distribution.

To support the increased volume at the Warren facility, 2,500 new jobs will be created, above and beyond the jobs announced as part of the January 2017 announcement.

Second, the Company confirmed that it will make a special bonus payment of $2,000 to approximately 60,000 FCA hourly and salaried employees in the U.S., excluding senior leadership. The payment, which recognizes employees for their continued commitment to the Company’s success, will be made in the second quarter of this year, and will be in addition to any profit sharing and salaried performance bonuses that employees would otherwise be eligible to receive in 2018. The special bonus will be paid to all eligible employees of the FCA automotive and components operations in the U.S.

“These announcements reflect our ongoing commitment to our U.S. manufacturing footprint and the dedicated employees who have contributed to FCA's success,” said Sergio Marchionne, Chief Executive Officer, FCA. “It is only proper that our employees share in the savings generated by tax reform and that we openly acknowledge the resulting improvement in the U.S. business environment by investing in our industrial footprint accordingly.”

Investment in U.S. Manufacturing Grows
FCA has invested $10 billion in its U.S. manufacturing operations since June 2009. Most recently, the Company announced investments totaling $3.5 billion, with the addition of 3,700 new jobs, to strengthen its U.S. manufacturing base, and align U.S. capacity to extend the Jeep and Ram product lines.

Those investments and related actions involved production shifts at three plants in Illinois, Ohio and Michigan to gain capacity for the Jeep Cherokee,
... [Read More]
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Dreams of a Hellcat Demon hybrid dancing in my Head!!

Dec 22, 2017 - 11:36 AM - by MagnumClub
By Patrick Rall, LXForums Editorial Staff

Envisioning a Final Edition Hellcat with Demon Parts and 808hp

Dodge said from Day 1 that the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon would be a one-and-done model, but what about a Hellcat Challenger (or even Charger) with some of the components from the Demon? What if Dodge took those aspects of the Demon that could easily be added to a Hellcat, making for a more powerful Hellcat package that still wouldn’t step on the Demon’s toes?

Picture this:
A 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Series II or a “Final Edition” model with the engine from the 2018 Demon, but without the race gas PCM. With the addition of the 2.7L supercharger, this new Hellcat would offer the same 808 horsepower as the Demon in pump gas form and in terms of packaging, all that Dodge would have to add to the Hellcat Challenger to make the Demon engine work is the higher-flowing hood setup. This car could use the 8HP90 transmission from the Hellcat, perhaps with some beefier interior bits while a stronger driveshaft, rear differential and half shafts would help send that extra 101hp to the wheels.

This 808hp Hellcat would (in theory) have the intercooler chiller system and a detuned version of the Demon’s Torque Reserve system. There would really be no point in including the exact same Torque Reserve system or the Demon’s TransBrake, as with the Hellcat’s narrower street tires, adding all of that power at the point of launch would only make traction impossible. However, for those racers who want to launch with a little more boost, this car could include a “softer” version of the Torque Reserve system included in the Launch Control system.

This 808hp Hellcat would still have the Hellcat’s big Brembo brakes and 20-inch wheels (not the Demon’s smaller brakes and 18-inch wheels), as well as all of the premium goodies on the inside. Essentially, this Hellcat’s interior would be more or less identical to the current models, rather than the stripped-down cockpit layout of the Demon. Also, this car would come with the same suspension setup as the Hellcat, so it would offer the same handling attributes as the 707hp models, but with more power and more quarter mile potential.

The brand could go a step further and apply this 808hp Hellcat package to the Widebody models, which would improve traction a great deal, but that might be treading a bit too close to the Demon. Then again, without the Demon’s drag radials out back, the skinny tires up front, the generous amounts of weight reduction, the 840hp tune, the drag strip suspension setup and the Trans Brake – this car likely wouldn’t be anywhere near as quick as the Demon in the quarter mile. It would, however, be considerably quicker than the current Hellcat in every way, all while maintaining all of the comfort aspects of the 707hp cars.

Will Dodge do this? Who knows.

We have already seen spy shots of Hellcat Challengers with the Demon hood and the Demon’s 808hp notation on the infotainment screen. Figure that the company had to spend some money to develop all of the unique components of the Demon, and limiting all of those parts to only the Demon prevents the company from making more money on that research and development. Introducing some of those parts – like the bigger supercharger, the Torque Reserve system and the intercooler chiller – would allow the company to spread those R&D costs across more units while also making more money off of those extra vehicles with those components.

In short, it seems like it would be easy enough for Dodge to transfer those Demon bits mentioned above to a Hellcat and in certainly seems like there would be a market for a spicier Hellcat – especially if they offered this new package for the Charger as well as the Challenger. So they have the parts and they have customers who would buy those cars, making it seem like a final special edition Hellcat with 808hp is almost logical.

Finally, it is expected that this generation of the Challenger and Charger are in their final few model years. What better way is there to send off the current Hellcat cars than with some special edition package with substantially better performance?

I cant think of one, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Dodge will read this, agree and roll out one more awesome, supercharged package... [Read More]
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Dodge Garage launches at PRI

Dec 15, 2017 - 12:20 PM - by MagnumClub
Looks like Dodge created another enthusiast website for you to spend your time reading. Another distraction from work - YAY!

Site is modern, sleek and fast with lots of retro content. Just like a Challenger.

Dodge Garage
, a Digital Content Hub Providing Racing and Automobile Enthusiasts With a One-Stop Destination, Launches During the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show on Thursday, December 7

December 7, 2017 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Dodge Garage, a digital content hub and premier destination where muscle car and race enthusiasts can hang out to get the latest on all things Dodge, SRT and Mopar, will launch live today, Thurs., Dec. 7.

Dodge Garage (2018 Dodge Garage) curates content from across hundreds of websites and forums, in addition to the Dodge brand’s digital and social channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to deliver the latest muscle car and racing news to enthusiasts. The site launches live during the 30th annual Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, Thurs., Dec. 7 – Sat., Dec. 9, 2017.

“Dodge Garage consolidates all there is to know about the latest muscle car and racing enthusiast news into one comprehensive destination,” said Tim Kuniskis, Head of Passenger Car Brands – Dodge, SRT, Chrysler and FIAT, FCA – North America. “In the digital space, content is king and Dodge enthusiasts are consuming it at an industry-leading rate. The real time dynamics of digital media force enthusiasts to search across multiple platforms to find the latest product information, performance news, where to race, dates for the next big auto show and where the next Cars & Coffee will take place in their area. With the Dodge brand witnessing the highest consumer engagement it’s ever seen, and more and more people wanting to be part of our ‘brotherhood of muscle,' Dodge Garage provides the quickest, easiest and most comprehensive way to funnel all this passion and engagement through a single source.”

Once inside the Dodge Garage, enthusiasts will find toolboxes full of daily updates, curating muscle car and racing enthusiast content from across the automotive spectrum, including:
  • News – Review all the latest Dodge news and events from both Dodge and performance enthusiasts, including blogs from special guest authors, along with engineering and design stories; learn more about Dodge partnerships with DSR, Bondurant, Hagerty and Pennzoil; and Q&As, chats with partners, enthusiasts, and Dodge engineers and designers
  • Events – Search for upcoming events, including Cars & Coffee, races, auto shows and enthusiast events in your area
  • Racing HQ – Learn more about the Dodge and Mopar teams, get schedules, see race results, including NHRA point standings, and locate a track near you; also features glossary with racing terms to help better understand what a “breakout” is, in addition to understanding cars and classes
  • Gallery – Check out the latest videos and images from across Dodge brand’s digital and social channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Downloads – Download images, such as wallpaper for all of your devices, including computers, laptops, tablets and watches
  • Merchandise – Shop Dodge-branded merchandise

Dodge consistently ranks in the top among automotive competitors in fan engagement across
... [Read More]
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