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When you’ve got a big Hemi, you want it LOUD….and you want it loud all the time!

You sure don’t want the vehicles computer dictating under what conditions (load, torque, rpm) exhaust volume is decreased or increased! Until recently, if someone wanted to bypass the electrically operated noise reducing factory active exhaust valves found on 2015+ Dodge Challenger/Charger 6.4L and 6.2L engines, they would have to take their vehicle to a muffler shop, have the valve cut out and a straight pipe welded in place. However, that cut section containing the AES motor and valve assembly would have to be tied up and out of the way so it could continue to operate and talk back to the computer. Cutting the exhaust and tying the valves out of the way will void your exhaust warranty, including the electric motors!

Aside from the restrictive active exhaust valves, the exhaust systems on these cars are a great performer out of the factory and expensive as well. Since the valve actuator motors talk back to the cars computer (PCM), simply disconnecting the power to the exhaust valve motors will generate a check engine light and trouble codes. You also cannot remove the motor itself from the valve even while still connected to power. The motor will spin over 360 degrees attempting to find its commanded open or closed position, when it doesn't find it, it generates trouble codes and sets off the check engine light as well.

With the simulator kit there is finally a solution to this problem while leaving the expensive OEM exhaust system completely intact. You simply remove the electric actuator motor from each OEM AES mechanical exhaust valve and install it to the simulator. The simulator is calibrated to exactly replicate the open/closed position of the OEM valve so the computer does not know any different. The simulators are simply secured to the chassis. A red lock pin is then installed on each mechanical OEM exhaust valve to keep the valve in a fully open position. Want to go back to stock? It's as easy as unbolting the AES actuator motors from the simulators, removing the red lock pin from the mechanical valve and installing the AES actuator motors right back on the OEM mechanical exhaust valve on the OEM pipe.

Check out our product installation video to get an in depth understanding of the Dodge Active Exhaust system and how our simulator kit brings out the roar 100% of the time with no trouble codes or check engine light.