Dear friends, earlier this week, events on social media triggered a level of anger and angst in me that is uncharacteristic. As a kneejerk reaction, I made a decision to step away from an annual charity effort that I have promoted and nurtured for 5 years and by doing so, failed to see the bigger picture about the event itself, the people and organizations involved and the people it touched. There were a few valid reasons behind how I reacted and there are some who know the basis for why I reacted the way I did.

I apologize for causing the stir and thank all those who offered support, input and advice. I realize in hindsight that my post was probably a tad selfish and premature, thinking only of myself. What I should have done was to seek out some important information before I posted because, after speaking with people that I needed input from, I realize now that I did not make the best choice with respect to how I handled the predicament. I could have just ignored the trigger events altogether. This does by no means absolve those who triggered the whole chain of events, you do what you do, but I have much needed clarity and focus now allowing me to move forward and past the events of last week.

My loyalty, love for and dedication to the GTALx event remains as it was and I will be taking steps to move forward with the GTALx 2020 event, with a valuable life lesson in tow

To the organizational level event supporters, I hope my reaction did not diminish your much valued and appreciated support of the event or your perception of the event itself.

To the event attendees, and to those who posted with words of support and encouragement, I am humbled and appreciative. My commitment to you will be that with additional human resources, the forthcoming and future events will be something you will be proud to participate in. Through this latest occurrence, I am fully aware that event has grown to something with too many moving pieces for one person to coordinate.